Forging the claw Edit


The claw is attached to the fork and tenon in the cheiroballistra. This article shows one method for forking the claw from round bar. Another and probably better method is described here.

The process step by stepEdit

Heat a rectangular bar in a forge:

Forging the claw - 01

Forge a length of the bar into rectangular shape:

Forging the claw - 02

Forge the end of the rectangular portion into a wedge-shape:

Forging the claw - 03

Flatten the wedge-shaped part until it's fairly thin, then bend it into a curve:

Forging the claw - 04

Forging the claw - 05

Now use a tapering punch to punch the hole for the axle. Alternatively, you can flatten the area around the axle and drill the hole.

Once you're happy with the thickness and the curvature of the claw, split the wedge-shaped part in two:

Forging the claw - 06

Forging the claw - 07

Heat the split part in a forge and force the "fingers" of the claw open:

Forging the claw - 08

Forging the claw - 09

Finishing touches Edit

After the forging cut away the excess part of the claw:

Making the claw - 01

The fingers of the claw are at this point probably a bit asymmetric, which we'll fix later:

Making the claw - 02

If punching the hole was not complete, drill the axle hole to correct diameter:

Making the claw - 03

Making the claw - 04

Finally file the fingers of the claw until they're symmetrical:

Making the claw - 05

Making the claw - 06