Introduction Edit

The cheiroballistra arms consist of two pieces: wooden cones and steel hooks. This article describes one way to forge the steel hooks from round steel bar. If you have rectangular steel at disposal, the process is simplified a lot.

The process step-by-step Edit

Start by heating two pieces of round steel bar; you will be forging and heating the in alternation:

Making steel hooks for arms - 01

Heat a section of the round bar and forge it rectangular, then move on to the next section. Repeat until the whole bar is roughly rectangular:

Making steel hooks for arms - 02

Making steel hooks for arms - 03

Unless you did a really good job on the first run, you probably need to reheat the entire bar and finish the job with light, careful strokes. The resulting bar should be fairly uniform:

Making steel hooks for arms - 04

Next forge a length at the ends (i.e. hooks) round:

Making steel hooks for arms - 05

Heat the rounded parts and bend them into hooks. If you want uniformity, forge the hooks around a piece of round steel bar or a pipe:

Making steel hooks for arms - 06

Attach the bar into a vise with the hook protruding about the jaws:

Making steel hooks for arms - 07

Use whatever means you have at your disposal (e.g. a pair of pliers) to bend the hook 90 degrees backward:

Making steel hooks for arms - 08

If necessary, finish by cold-forging the arms perfectly straight.

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