Introduction Edit

This article show a way to make very strong washer bars from flat steel using a hacksaw, some files and sanding paper. The process is straightforward but takes quite a bit of time. The finished washer bar will have a shoulder inside the washer which prevents them from moving sideways. The thicknening that the should implies also makes the bar much more resistant to bending.

This is another method of making washer bars. The first method was essentially the same, but lacked the shoulder. and was thus somewhat simpler.

The process step-by-step Edit

First mark the rough outlines of the bars to a flat steel bar:

Making washer bars - method 2 - 01

File the upper surface of the bar round and polish it with sandpaper:

Making washer bars - method 2 - 02

Making washer bars - method 2 - 03

Make cuts using a hacksaw to the edges of the bars as well as at the bars' shoulders:

Making washer bars - method 2 - 04

Making washer bars - method 2 - 05

Saw the shoulder to the correct form:

Making washer bars - method 2 - 06

Round all edges, in particular those that will contact the spring cord:

Making washer bars - method 2 - 07

Polish the entire bar using sandpaper of increasing fineness:

Making washer bars - method 2 - 08

Finally adjust the width of the shoulder so that the bar fits inside the washer:

Cheiroballistra washer - 01

Cheiroballistra washer - 02

Cheiroballistra washer - 03

Cheiroballistra washer - 04

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